Legal Services

Who I Can Help:

Help to non-citizens

I advise non-citizens, wherever located, who want to find lawful ways to live, work, study or visit in the United States. My advice includes obtaining social security numbers or drivers' license, public housing, medical assistance, dealing with immigration assistance providers, and other civil law questions about living in the United States as a non-citizen. Here are a few examples of people I can advise:

Assistance to employers

I advise U.S. employers who want to lawfully hire non-citizens, or who must withhold income tax from alien performers.

Immigrants who want to become citizens

I advise lawful permanent residents who want to become citizens on the needed steps. I also advise aliens holding a non-immigrant visa, and those outside the United States, who have U.S. citizenship as a long-term goal.

Non-citizens with income tax questions

With 30 years of experience as a lawyer in the State Tax Department, I provide knowledgeable legal advice to both citizens and non-citizens about their income tax responsibilities to the State of New York, or the Federal government. Employers have special responsibilities for withholding of tax when engaging foreign performers.

Immigration assistance providers, some called "notarios," and their customers

I advise providers of immigration assistance, and their customers, on their rights and responsibilities under Article 28-C of the General Business Law of New York, entitled "Immigrant Assistance Services."